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Welcome to our online survey

Who can doubt that our world becomes more globalized and connected every day? Our challenge is to live and work effectively in this multicultural world and, for many, to lead in this global world.

The Global Diversity Survey® is designed to increase your awareness and understanding of self, others and the world. One of the benefits of our online survey is that your results in the Global Diversity Matrix are color coded to highlight specific areas for professional development.

The outcomes are your own

This survey is intended as a developmental tool to help you further your personal and professional growth. The strategies outlined in this tool are for your thoughtful reflection and are not meant to prescribe or illustrate a singular approach to building and managing effective working relationships with diverse others.

Logon to the survey in order to identify what you know, think, feel, and do about diversity within your expanding world.


Print Feature

After you respond to the survey's 45 statements you will see an option to "print results."

Clicking on this option will generate a PDF that you can use either to print a hard copy or file in electronic storage.

Please note: you will not be able to return to your survey results after you logoff, so please save your results.