Sending regular email reminders to your survey participants makes a big difference. Everyone is busy, especially the people likely to participate in the 360 degree or organization surveys we often provide. Thus, any type of request, including an invitation to participate in a survey, can't always be addressed immediately.

The chart below gives you a sense as to how email reminders affect survey response rates.

This graph shows the average survey activity for a survey over 20 days. Survey Activity refers to the percentage of your audience that completed in a day (For example, if you had 100 people invited to your survey, and 10 of those people completed on the first Monday, then the Survey Activity would be 10%). Each bar represents one day. The darkest blue bars indicate days when an invite/reminder was sent. Notice how when the invitation is sent out, the greatest response is received, but as the days go by, it quickly drops and approaches 3% by the fifth day. Then, when the first reminder is sent out, the response rate doubles! The same basic pattern continues for each succeeding reminder.

Whether you are conducting a 360 degree survey or a satisfaction survey, reminders significantly stimulate responses.